Updates on Police Restructuring

This week Jo Johnson MP met with Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe of the Metropolitan Police to discuss the restructuring of local policing across Bromley, Sutton, and Croydon.

Chief Superintendent Boothe, future Borough Commander of the new South Area Basic Command Unit, updated Jo on preparations being made before the implementation of the BCU in February 2019.

At the meeting, Jo raised concerns regarding any possible impact on front line policing and received assurances that every ward in the London Borough of Bromley will continue to have two full-time, dedicated officers and one PCSO.

Jo and Chief Superintendent Boothe discussed increased local control of resource despatching, designed to improve assigning police resources to calls. They also discussed future uplifts in youth engagement. Measures will include local police forming closer relationships with schools – both in terms of visits to pupils and improved communication when officers interact with students outside of school.

Jo said ‘I was encouraged by the update provided by the future Borough Commander of the South Area Basic Command Unit. It is clear that preparations for restructuring are well underway, and I was pleased that Chief Superintendent Boothe is engaging with local stakeholders and the community in these preparations.’