Unemployment in Orpington Continues to Plummet

Figures released this month show that unemployment in Orpington is continuing to fall, a trend which has been replicated across the United Kingdom.

The number of people in the Constituency claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) now rests at 452, 188 lower than in September 2014. This represents a 29% reduction over the course of the year, and sees Orpington now ranked in the top 125, out of the 650 UK constituencies, in terms of economic activity.

Youth unemployment in the Constituency has also fallen to 95 claimants of JSA aged 18-24, 70 fewer than at the same stage last year.

Jo Johnson MP said: “These latest figures are fantastic news for people in Orpington, many of whom will have more money and opportunities as a result.

In particular, I welcome another drastic fall in youth unemployment, which is now at its lowest level for a decade, and will see more young people working hard to develop their skills into the future.”

On a national level, the employment rate reached 73.6%, the highest on record; whilst the unemployment rate fell to 5.4%, its lowest rate since the beginning of 2008. Wages have also risen at an average of 3%.

Jo added: “Evidenced by the figures we have seen today, the economic plan that this Government has advocated is creating a stronger national economy that is promoting more jobs and higher wages.

The policy of continuing to reduce the deficit is working, and is providing businesses with the stability and confidence of a growing economy, that in turn creates jobs and prosperity.

Nonetheless, we must guard against any complacency that could put our economic security at risk, which is why I welcome the Chancellor’s introduction of a new Charter for Budget Responsibility to ensure that future Governments run a budget surplus.”