The Telegraph: Jo Johnson - what do we know about Boris's brother?

The younger Mr Johnson has been given a chance to emerge from the shadow of his older brother, after David Cameron rewarded him with a top job on Wednesday.  Despite coming from such a high-profile family, the MP for Orpington appears to be much more of a Tory loyalist than Boris Johnson. It appears he has rarely - if ever - spoken out of step with Government policy, hardly ever rebelling against the leadership in Parliament.

Since he entered the House of Commons in 2010, Mr Johnson has been given two party-climbing jobs as an assistant Government whip and a ministerial aide in the business department.  And unlike his talkative brother, he has not shown much appetite for courting the limelight.

The biggest clues about why he might have been chosen for David Cameron's top policy role come from Mr Johnson's articles about how to boost growth.  One talks about how Britain should trade more with India if it wants to compete better in the global race for growth. His website also heralds Britain's role as a "springboard for China into European markets".

Much of his rhetoric about trading with emerging nations reads like it could have been spoken by David Cameron or George Osborne themselves - chiming perfectly with the message from the top of the party.

As a member of the "Growth Factory" group of MPs, he has signed up to supporting policies including a new runway for the south-east by 2020, more high-speed rail and a spaceport.

Like his elder brother Boris, the 41-year-old is also a former journalist, working in Paris and New Delhi for the Financial Times. He then led the influential Lex column, which offers opinions and analysis on the markets