Orpington News: MP Jo says 'High time' commuters got the service they deserve

MP Jo Johnson has expressed "deep frustration" with the ongoing disruption to services on the Hastings line.

Heavy rain caused a landslip near Wadhurst, East Sussex on December 22, and Network Rail, responsible for maintaining the tracks, said it would take weeks - if not months - to repair the damage.

Mr Johnson said: "The delays have caused unacceptable distress to commuters, particularly because of the withdrawal of half the fast services from Orpington to London.  I have pressed both Southeastern and Network Rail to resolve immediately all outstanding operational issues so that the hardworking people of Orpington are able to rely on and have confidence in the published train service.

"At the same time, I continue to push vigorously for more fast trains to and from Orpington particularly at the peak when commuters have a worse service than the rest of the day. It is high time that residents finally enjoy a high-quality service that reflects the price of their tickets."

A spokesperson for Southeastern said: "We too are frustrated by the ongoing problems with the landslip on the Hastings line. More heavy rain fell last Friday which exasperated the landslip further down the line at Wadhurst.  Network Rail assure us they're doing everything possible to fix the damage. In the meantime we've had to run trains at a reduced speed through Wadhurst and this was having a knock-on effect to the rest of the network.

"This still leaves Orpington customers with 10 off peak trains per hour to London. We'd like to thank our passengers for their patience and understanding."

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