Jo welcomes rise in number of Bromley children offered their preferred secondary school

Jo Johnson MP has welcomed the news that offers for preferred secondary schools have risen across the London Borough of Bromley. 

72% of children in Bromley due to start secondary school in September have been offered their first preference. This represents a 2% increase on the figure from 2016, and is 4% above the London average.

Overall, 96% of pupils were offered a place at one of their six preferred schools, with 9 in 10 receiving one of their top three choices. The small number of applicants (4%) who did not receive any of their preferences have all been offered alternative schools.

Commenting on the figures, Jo said: ‘To have almost three quarters of children offered a place at their preferred secondary school is a great achievement by Bromley Council.

Demand for secondary school places is increasing across London, and great credit must therefore go to Cllr Fortune and the council officers who have worked extremely effectively to ensure pupils are able to attend the school that suits them best.’

More information is available via the Bromley Council website, here.