Jo welcomes the end of Waste4Fuel

Orpington MP, Jo Johnson, has expressed his delight at the news that the Waste4Fuel site on Cornwall Drive has been cleared.

The exceptional and complex nature of Waste4Fuel has meant that getting to this stage has been a protracted process, requiring negotiations between the local authority, local MPs, the Environment Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

In total, approximately 27,000 tonnes of waste has been removed, with the final loads departing the site last Friday.

Jo said: ‘At last, the Waste4Fuel saga is at an end. I am most pleased for all those residents whose lives were blighted by the stench and smoke that emanated from the disgusting mound of rubbish.

‘I know that the process has been incredibly frustrating at times, but the most important thing is that the land can never again be used as a legalised fly-tip.

‘I know that Bromley Council will be actively working with local residents over the plans for the site’s future, and I will be following this development with great interest.’

Further details can be found on the Bromley Council website, here.