Jo unveils Olympic legacy for Downe

Jo unveiled on Saturday the Olympic Equestrian Show Jump Wings, kindly donated by British Showjumping to the people of Downe.  The Wings, one of the show jumps used at the Olympic equestrian events at Greenwich, show pictures of Charles Darwin, who lived in Downe for over 40 years whilst writing "On the Origin of Species".

The Downe Jubilee Choir sang their Jubilee Song and then Jo and Sarah Bullimore, an international three-day event rider, who had lived and learnt to ride in Downe, unveiled the wings.  A compelling Charles Darwin double, Christopher Robbie, came out from the Church and spoke about his life in the village.

The event was organised by the Friends of St Mary's Church, who raise money for the maintenance and repair of the 13th Century Church, where Charles's wife, Emma Darwin, and several of her children are buried.  Jo and Cllr Julian Benington had worked together to trace and obtain the wings from British Showjumping.

Jo said: "I am grateful to British Showjumping for presenting Downe with this terrific relic of London 2012.  The wings are a small token of the Olympic legacy and it was an honour to unveil this colourful jump that marriages that unforgettable summer with Orpington's cultural heritage."