Jo makes unnnounced visit to intolerable Waste4Fuel site

Jo made an unannounced visit on Friday to the Waste4Fuel site in Cornwall Drive, where a large number of fires have caused disruption and air pollution for residents in the Crays.

After visiting the site, Jo said: "It is an intolerable situation and I share the frustration of Crays' residents who have had to put up with this unbearable stench for far too long.  I was able to discuss the situation with the Environment Agency (EA) and the site manager, relaying to both the concerns I have about the failure of this company to comply with a clear order from the High Court.

He continued:  "Waste4Fuel have not made satisfactory progress towards compliance with the High Court Order to remove all combustible waste from the site by 1 May 2014 and must pay urgent attention to the damaging impact that this site is having on the local community.

"Alongside Bob Neill MP, I will continue to push hard for urgent enforcement of the court order alongside colleagues in Westminster and Bromley Council."

Photo: Jo inspects site with Environment Agency officers