Jo Johnson: a strong voice for Orpington

Voters in Orpington are faced with a very clear choice. Every vote for me, your Conservative candidate, will strengthen Britain’s hand at the negotiating table in Brussels. It is vital we get the negotiations right, as our Brexit deal will define our economic security and our future place in the world.

It is clear that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, is the only leader with the ability to deliver a deal with the European Union that would see us regain control of our money, our borders and our laws. The alternative is a Jeremy Corbyn-led government that would have disastrous consequences for our economy and our future prosperity.

Away from Brexit, the Conservative’s are also the only party offering a realistic set of proposals that would lock in the economic progress we have made and provide opportunities for everyone in Britain.

We want to support hard-working people in Orpington by helping businesses create better-paid jobs, introducing new workers rights, building more affordable houses, capping rip-off energy tariffs, and keeping taxes low.

We will also increase the NHS budget every year to ensure people receive the care they need, and will protect our national security and defences by taking effective action against extremists.

I have worked hard as your local MP over the last 7 years to represent the views of residents, both locally and in Westminster. It has been a huge honour to represent the Orpington constituency.

Our local economy is thriving and we have remarkably low levels of unemployment. I will continue to support job creation and opportunities for young people throughout the constituency.

I will also carry on working with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group to make sure that local residents have access to the highest-quality healthcare.

I will work hard to secure the rail services that hard-working commuters deserve. I recently submitted my response to the consultation on the future of the South Eastern railway franchise, in which I made absolutely clear the need for more regular, more comfortable and more reliable services to and from stations in Orpington.

I will always campaign on the issues that matter to you, to ensure that the Orpington constituency remains a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family. I hope to be able to continue to help a Conservative government build a better, brighter future for Orpington and the country.