Jo commends Environment Agency on Waste4Fuel action

Jo has welcomed the news that the Environment Agency is to take action against the Waste4Fuel site on Cornwall Drive.   This follows a fire there last month that posed a potential risk to neighbouring Ruxley Lakes.

The Agency have served an Environmental Permit suspension notice requiring the operator to remove all combustible waste from the facility. Removal must be completed by 15 July 2013, subject to any appeal process, at a rate of no less than two articulated lorries a day and no less than 250 tonnes per week.

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority have served a separate notice which sets out the changes needed at the site to improve fire safety.

After the fire, Jo had written to Dr Paul Leinster, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, asking him to review whether Waste4Fuel Ltd. have been respecting the terms of their licence and, if not, then take steps to revoke it.

Jo said: "The Waste4Fuel site has become a dangerous hazard to the local community and it is high time that it faced robust enforcement action.  I will continue to work closely with the Environment Agency and local councillors to ensure that the operator complies in full with the notice."