Daily Mail: A Johnson in No 10...no, not that one!

David Cameron moved to appease the Tory faithful last night by appointing Boris Johnson's brother to head his Downing Street policy unit.

Jo Johnson, the MP for Orpington, will take charge of political strategy in No 10 in a dramatic shake-up modelled on the days of Margaret Thatcher.

In a further bid to satisfy disgruntled right-wingers, Mr Johnson - a former Financial Times journalist - will also lead a new Conservative Parliamentary Advisory Board designed to reflect different views across the party.

In an olive branch to Tory malcontents, Jesse Norman, who led the backbench rebellion on the House of Lords reforms, also joins the board, along with Nick Gibb, a former education minister fired by Mr Cameron in his last reshuffle.  Mr Johnson will help create the Tory manifesto for the next election.

The prime minister has been repeatedly criticised by Tory MPs for handing over control of policy in Number 10 to impartial civil servants, who often undermine Tory policies.

The appointment of Mr Johnson shows Mr Cameron is keen to use the star power of the Johnson name to shake up his government - though the fact that it is Jo Johnson, rather than his better known brother, who is first to take a desk in Downing Street will also amuse the PM's allies who sometimes grow weary of his rivalry with the London Mayor.

The revamped Number 10 Policy Unit will be comprised of a mix of civil servants and politcal special advisers.

A senior source said: 'It will be predominantly political reflecting a more Thatcher-style traditional Policy Unit that will drive Conservative policy priorities throughout government.'

Mr Johnson will also get a formal government post as a junior minister in the Cabinet Office.

The advisory board will provide political policy advice to the PM and Mr Johnson.

It is designed to show that Mr Cameron - who has been accused of only listening to a clique of old friends and fellow Etonians, is taking the views of the Parliamentary party seriously.

He also recently appointed right winger John Hayes as a point man to counsel the views of MPs.

The source said: 'The board will play a central role in driving the development of the Conservative Party manifesto, both as a consultative body and in representing the views of the Conservative Party.'

Other members of the board include Mr Cameron's former spindoctor George Eustice, former cabinet minister Peter Lilley, along with Jane Ellison, Paul Uppal Jake Berry and Margot James MP The source added: 'This group of MPs have a broad spectrum of policy experience and will meet regularly with both Jo Johnson MP and the Prime Minister to discuss existing government work, provide fresh policy insight and harvest the best ideas from the Conservative parliamentary party.'

The No 10 reorganisation follows the hiring of Lynton Crosby, the mastermind of Boris Johnson's mayoral victories to run the Tory election campaign.

One MP said: 'Team Boris is taking over.'