Crofton Lane closure update

Jo has received the following update from Thames Water regarding the closure of Crofton Lane:

'Following our last repair, we met with Transport for London and the Local Authority to discuss the condition of the Road.  At the meeting it was agreed we would commission a ground radar survey, to better understand the ground beneath the surface of the road.  This survey was carried out on the 19 October and after a review of the data, and having liaising close with the Local Authority, a decision was made to further excavate the road to reveal the voids and carry out necessary repairs. 

Prior to starting, a letter drop to local residents was completed.  In addition, we contacted and visited the school to update them on our plans.  I can confirm we started work on 5 November and our excavations are focused on five locations.  We have closed the road and our permit is in place from the 5 – 22 November.  However, we hope to finish sooner, as we are very aware of how disruptive this is to the community and we are working hard to complete the repairs as swiftly as possible.'

Jo will continue to monitor this matter closely.

Image from Google Maps Map Data: Google