Bromley Times: Jo Johnson vows to continue serving constituents after Downing Street promotion

Orpington MP Jo Johnson has vowed to continue campaigning for his constituents after being parachuted into a top role at Downing Street.

He said: "I am proud of the opportunity to serve my country and my party. I look forward to working with David Cameron to help shape and deliver the policies that will make the UK stronger, fairer and more prosperous, and ready to meet the challenges of the coming decades.

"I will continue to represent Orpington residents and campaign for them on the most important issues – securing high quality local healthcare in the town centre, delivering improved and more affordable transport links for commuters and protecting Orpington's green and open spaces."

Political commentators mused over his new role, with Bruce Anderson, former political editor of The Spectator saying: "As a new MP, Jo has shown little interest in personal publicity and has been content to work away quietly.

"Yet he is no less ambitious than Boris, merely more realistic. He has the qualities for his office. If he could also borrow some of his brother's animal magnetism... who knows how high?"

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