Biggin Hill becomes a ‘Toilet Twinned Town’

On Friday, Jo visited St Mark’s Church to celebrate Biggin Hill becoming a ‘toilet twinned town’. St Mark’s have been working with the charity Toilet Twinning to encourage local businesses and residents to twin their toilet with one in a developing country. With more than 20 toilets twinned in Biggin Hill, it now gains the title of a ‘toilet twinned town’.

Jo joined Rev Alison Newman and the team from St Mark’s along with local Councillors Julian Benington and Melanie Stevens and Chairman of the local resident’s association Peter Martin to discuss the initiative. Jo brought along his toilet twinning certificate, twinning a toilet in the House of Commons with a latrine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Jo said ‘I am proud to be part this initiative. It is great to be part of a positive story about toilets in Biggin Hill! Rev Newman and the team at St Mark’s have done a great job in making Biggin Hill a toilet twinned town and I hope other businesses and residents take the opportunity to twin their toilet’.

Further information about toilet twinning can be found on the St Mark’s Church webpage or on the Toilet Twinning website.