Protect our local environment

I am determined to continue to protect Orpington's green and leafy areas from over development. This area is unique, combining the best of Kent with the best of London. In Orpington we have the quality of life and wonderful countryside of the North Downs, alongside the convenience and commercial opportunities that come from close proximity to central London. The best of both worlds must not be allowed to become a suburban sprawl.

I continue to fight to protect the green belt from arbitrary housing targets or initiatives imposed by central government or the Mayor of London. I have written to the Planning Inspectorate on many occasions to speak out against inappropriate developments and will continue to make preserving the special environment of this area a real priority.


Jo visits Foal Farm, Biggin Hill

Earlier this month Jo visited Foal Farm, an animal rescue centre in Biggin Hill. The farm, which was founded in 1962, takes in sick, distressed and unwanted animals and helps restore them to health.

The Chelsfield redevelopment plans

Earlier this month I visited The Chelsfield (temporarily renamed ‘The Helsfield’ for Halloween!) to discuss proposed redevelopment plans for the pub.

Jo welcomes the end of Waste4Fuel

Orpington MP, Jo Johnson, has expressed his delight at the news that the Waste4Fuel site on Cornwall Drive has been cleared.